Heat Equalizer performance

Heat Equalizer performance

The Heat Equalizer needs to be placed between the heat source and the pot or saucepan. It distributes the heat evenly and consistently. When you are using the Heat Equalizer your food will not burn or stick.

  • No more hot spots in the middle of the pot where the food gets burned.
  • No more constantly stirring food around because it boils evenly throughout the whole pot.


The Heat Equalizer distributes the same temperature across the whole surface evenly and consistently. No more hot spots. The Heat Equalizer turns any pot into a high-end cookware. It works great for slow cooking and simmering any food, especially sensitive foods like rice, oats, caramel, soups and slow cooking meats to make them extra tender. It works equally well on gas or electric stoves. The Heat Equalizer will dramatically improve the performance of all your pots, even your largest pots and Dutch Ovens. It also works great for thawing and defrosting meat or any frozen food. To use for defrosting, simply place the food on the Heat Equalizer. No heat is needed. Your food will defrost in a fraction of the time.

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