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The Heat Equalizer

This Heat Equalizer is suitable for all stovetops that are gas or electric (except induction). It is the perfect tool to use in all stove top slow cooking processes. It was designed to give you an easy, stress-free way to simmer or slow cook any dish. Never again will you need to worry about burnt areas or over cooking when used accordingly, which in return improves the quality of your cooking and cuts on cooking time. It will change the way you approach cooking & give you a new outlook on how easy it can really be!

Heat Equalizer

Turn any pot or pan you own into high-end expensive cookware with The Heat Equalizer.
This heat diffusing plate is easy to store & will extend the life of your pots & pans for many years to come.

  • The Heat Equalizer

    Suitable for slow cooking or simmering any foods - rice, oats, caramel, soups.

  • stove types

    Perfect for various stove types - including gas stove and electric stove.

  • stove types

    Great for defrosting/thawing your frozen food.

  • stove types

    Improve the performance of your Dutch Oven.

The Heat Equalizer


The Heat Equalizer is made from an Aluminum & Copper alloy making it the best heat distributer & heat conductor on the market. The Heat Equalizer distributes the heat evenly across the entire cooking surface. It saves a lot of energy & prevents hot spots normally in the center of the pots & pans. Your pots stay looking brand new. This Heat Equalizer is suitable for all stovetops that are gas or electric (except induction). It is used as a heat diffuser for glass cooktop.

The Heat Equalizer


The Heat Equalizer needs to be placed between the heat source and the pot or saucepan so it can distribute the heat evenly.

When you use The Heat Equalizer, you will no longer need to worry about stirring the pots or food burning & sticking to one place.

• No more hot spots in the middle of the pot where you have burned food.

• No more constant stirring because the Heat Equalizer will heat evenly across the whole surface.

heat equalizer


The Heat Equalizer’s main use is to equalize the temperature across the whole surface. It distributes the heat evenly, this way you can turn any pot into high end cookware.

Intended uses are for slow cooking and/or simmering any foods, especially sensitive items like rice, oats, caramel, soups & tenderized meats. The Heat Equalizer will even improve the performance of your Dutch Oven and can also be used for thawing or defrosting.

  • I was looking for a heat diffuser to use on my gas stove. This works perfectly for slow cooking and simmering soups, stews etc. No scorching!

    - Theresa Bowser

  • I use this on my electric stove for my moka coffee pots. It is perfect.

    - Beth Wagner

  • I able to use all brands of pots and pans on my glass top electric stove without damaging my stove. Very even heating.

    - Gapeach