How does the Heat Equalizer Heat Diffuser Enhances Your Cooking Experience?


Wow, what a great question. Anytime you cook anything that you need to simmer from ten minutes to overnight. The heat equalizer will make sure the whole bottom surface is heated equally. What does it mean to you?

  1. Any pot you have even the cheapest entry level pot or pan now become a high-end pot Just by Using the Heat Equalizer as a heat diffuser. from here on.
  2. It means that you do not have to stir the food every few minutes.
  3. It means that the middle of the pot will not have any burned center that we all know of.
  4. Since the whole surface on the bottom of the pot has even heat the food is cooked twice as fast. In the past you would put the lower flame and it would cook only in the middle, then you would stir it every few minutes. No need for that no more (even though I am sure you will continue stirring, it’s a habit)
  5. Since all the heat from the stove flame is absorbed by the heat Equalizer the house does not get heated from your stove. Your Air conditioner could take a break and save a lot of energy.
  6. If you are food connoisseur you would really appreciate all what the Heat Equalizer will do for you.


Please Enjoy the Heat Equalizer

Eli Meloul

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