Heat Equalizer Heat Diffuser: The Perfect Addition to Your Kitchenware Collection

Heat Equalizer Heat Diffuser: The Perfect Addition to Your Kitchenware Collection

If you are replacing your pots and pans every few years because of burned centers or sides, there is a solution! The Heat Equalizer spreads heat evenly across the entire surface of your cookware making them heat better and last longer because the flame does not touch your cookware. Let’s discuss what the Heat Equalizer is, how it works, and the benefits of using it in your kitchen.

What is It?

The Heat Equalizer is a nice solid heavy weight heat diffuser made from aluminum and copper alloy. These materials conduct and distribute heat efficiently. While this heat diffuser is great for gas and electric stovetops (not induction stovetops). The Heat Equalizer is used for simmering and slow-cooking foods like soups, rice, and meats. It is also used for thawing and defrosting a variety of foods like frozen vegetables and leftovers.

How Does it Work?

The stovetop heat diffuser is placed between the stovetop’s heat source and the kitchenware to evenly distribute the heat. The Heat Equalizer comes in three convenient sizes to fit most cookware. To diffuse properly, the diffuser should be equal to the size of the pan or smaller. The heat receptors on the diffuser's bottom side absorb the heat from your gas or electric stove. Then, the absorbed heat is distributed evenly across the diffuser and heats your pot or pan.

Benefits of a Heat Diffuser

A key benefit of using a stovetop heat diffuser is your kitchenware’s center will not burn over time. The Heat Equalizer spreads heat across the entire surface of the pan instead of allowing it to scald the center. Not only does this turn your cheaper kitchenware into high-end equipment, but the diffuser also extends the life of your pots and pans.

A secondary benefit of the Heat Equalizer is it cooks your meal evenly and takes less time compared to cooking without a diffuser. When cooking without a heat diffuser, you must stir your food every few minutes to ensure it does not burn, heat is distributed evenly, and food does not burn to the sides of the cookware. The Heat Equalizer allows you to avoid stirring your food continuously and decreases your overall cook time.

Furthermore, because the stovetop heat diffuser absorbs all external heat, it can decrease your energy bill. It is common for stoves to heat up your home when in use, but the Heat Equalizer eliminates this issue. When your stove overheats your home, it causes your AC system to work harder and regulate the temperature. High air conditioning bills can be an issue for regions with warm temperatures throughout the year. The diffuser does not allow heat to escape your stovetop and heat up your home. This may decrease energy usage and lower air conditioning costs.  

Enhance Your Cooking Today!

If you are looking to improve your cooking experience, the Heat Equalizer is the perfect item to add to your kitchen. With three different sizes to choose from, turn your standard kitchenware set into high-end equipment. To learn more about this stovetop heat diffuser, visit our website today!

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