The Health Benefits of Cooking with Stainless Steel Kitchenware and Advantages of Using a Copper Alloy Heat Equalizer heat diffuser/Pan Heat Diffuser


You are searching for new pots and pans for your kitchen and find an aluminum set cheaper than other brands. However, you may be unaware of the disadvantages of using aluminum kitchen equipment. While stainless steel may be more expensive, it is safe, hygienic, and is long-lasting. In addition to cooking with stainless steel, using a plate/pan heat diffuser in your kitchen offers several benefits. Let’s talk about the health benefits of stainless-steel kitchenware and the advantages of using an Aluminum & copper alloy pan heat diffuser for your gas stove.

Stainless Steel is the Safer Cooking Material

The most important health benefit of using stainless steel kitchenware is it avoids ingesting aluminum. Stainless steel does not leach any harmful chemicals into your food. When you use aluminum pots and pans, the material can dissolve into your food, especially when your equipment is worn or pitted. The amount of aluminum you consume in your food increases the longer you are cooking your meal with the equipment. Acidic ingredients like mixed greens, tomatoes, lettuce, and lemons absorb the most aluminum when you are cooking.

Stainless Steel: The Non-Porous Option

Another benefit of using stainless steel is the material is not porous. Unlike aluminum, stainless-steel cookware will not release any harmful metals or chemicals into your food while cooking. Furthermore, it reduces the risks of bacteria growth. Because of its hygienic properties, stainless steel is the preferred choice among hospitals and commercial restaurants.

Advantages of Using a Heat Diffuser for Your Gas Stove

The primary benefit of using the Heat Equalizer heat diffuser for cooking is it distributes heat evenly across your pan’s surface. By not centralizing the heat in the center of your pan, you avoid the common scorched black spot in the middle of your pot. The Heat Equalizer heat diffuser extends the life of your equipment and turns your affordable kitchenware into high-end pots and pans. With the heat diffuser plate, you do not have to constantly stir your food because of the even heat distribution.

The second benefit of a Heat Equalizer heat diffuser plate for your gas stove is that it efficiently directs all your oven’s energy to the Heat Equalizer plate. The Heat Equalizer is made from aluminum and copper alloy which are the best materials available for spreading the heat evenly and quickly, they are excellent heat conductors. This Heat Equalizer heat diffuser is set underneath your pan and engineered to absorb all the stove’s heat and not touch your food. When you are cooking, it may be normal for your home to warm up from your stove. But the plate heat diffuser collects all the heat, so it is not heating your home. This keeps your home at a comfortable temperature without increasing your energy bill from the AC running non-stop.


Try Heat Equalizer Today!

The Heat Equalizer heat diffuser is easy to store and compatible with gas and electric stoves, excluding induction. The Heat Equalizer has many uses such as slow cooking, simmering, and defrosting foods. To keep your stainless-steel kitchenware in great condition and positively change your cooking experience, the Heat Equalizer is for you! Our Heat Equalizer heat diffuser comes in three sizes to fit your pots and pans.

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