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Heat Equalizer

Turn any inexpensive pot or pan into high-end cookware with the Heat Equalizer. Simply place the stovetop heat diffuser between your heat source and pan, then watch as the heat is evenly distributed and your food is cooked to perfection. It will feel like you are cooking with equipment that cost hundreds of dollars!

Extend the life of your cookware with the Heat Equalizer. As heat is evenly distributed across the entire surface of each pan, you will no longer worry about hot spots or blackening. Cookware will not flake off or dissolve into your food potentially causing harmful toxins to be released.

Your cooking habits will change as you are free to move around your kitchen without stirring and scraping because food no longer burns or scalds against the sides of your cookware. Put away small electric devices that have been cluttering up your countertops because now you can defrost, slow cook, and simmer all of your foods right on top of your stove with the help of the Heat Equalizer. With the Heat Equalizer, you can brew coffee, melt butter, and simmer tea perfectly.

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Engineered to produce high-quality results, the Heat Equalizer is made from premium aluminum and Copper alloy. This fabrication produces six times greater heat conduction than stainless steel. Each Heat Equalizer is dishwasher safe. Even the most baked-on spills are easily wiped away with just soap and water thanks to each unit’s Ceramic non-stick coating. The stovetop heat diffuser is compact and stores easily. It is equipped with a removable handle for maximum convenience and safety.

Reduce wasted heat and energy while cooking with the Heat Equalizer. The heat from your stove escapes and heats up your entire home, but when a heat diffuser is placed between the heat source and the pan, the heat is redirected properly. The revolutionary design of each Heat Equalizer features over 480 heat collection points to contain and distribute heat evenly. Your home will remain cool and comfortable as you cook, and your energy bills will not skyrocket.

This revolutionary aluminum and Copper alloy electric and gas stovetop diffuser is designed with food safety in mind. While aluminum is inexpensive and a popular choice for cooking, it can have harmful effects on the human body. The Heat Equalizer does not come in contact with food during cooking. Stainless steel cooking equipment is the preferred choice for commercial restaurants and hospitals. The Heat Equalizer turns inexpensive stainless-steel cookware into high-priced professional equipment for a fraction of the price. 

The Heat Equalizer is available in four sizes: 6, 8, and 9 ¼, & 12- inch diameters with 10mm to 14mm thicknesses. Order each unit separately or order them in sets of three popular sizes. Ceramic and polished commercial finishes are also available. Each unit is backed up by a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee with multiple payment options available. Use this gas and electric heat diffuser with all types of cooking surfaces including cast iron, enamel, copper, stainless steel, ceramic, and more!

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